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da bomb!

da bomb! 💖💖💖 4.5.-19.5.2024

Avajaiset perjantaina 3.5 klo:18-20 🥂✨
Avajaisissa esiintyy @asapinnallinen 🎤🔥
See u there!

ARTISTS/EVA: Antti Raitala, Fabu Pires, Hanne Bird, Harri Tarkka, KEKE Leppälä, Lupu, Niko Remes, Petri Kiviniemi, Pia Sundholm, Tanja Vanhala, Víctor Sono.

ARTISTS/ALL CITY!: Acton, Charles Liquor, Juha Lahtinen, Miikka Lommi, Antti Männynväli, Rare, Samson, Slade, StayUp, Jani Tolin, Trama, Walt.


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EVA International Art Magazine Tokyo 2024.

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EVA International Art Magazine Paris 2023.

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